We are no longer accepting applications for this program. 

Should you wish to contact us please email bethan@collectively.org

Thank you!
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Why do you want to join us on 18th and 21st July? *

Tell us a bit about yourself and why tackling inequality is important to you. 50 words is plenty.
What will you bring into the room on 18th & 21st July? *

Please tell us about any relevant skills, experiences and talents that you'd like to share with the group
Can you attend both events? *

Insight Day: Tuesday 18th July, all day, Central London
Ideas Day: Friday 21st July, all day, Central London

We'd prefer participants who can attend both days, but if you can't and you believe you have a strong case for coming to one day please let us know.

Are you open to working with a team to bring an idea to life over the next four months? *

For more information about what happens next please take a look here http://bit.ly/2sj37bM

Which organisations and individuals inspire you when it comes to tackling inequality?

Anything else you'd like to ask or say?

Do you have any requirements to attend the events?

Thank you for applying!

We'll confirm if you have a place by June 28th. In the meantime please save the dates and send any questions to bethan@collectively.org

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